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Our Mission

Improve access to exercise opportunities for individuals living with a disability using two evidence-based approaches: Deliver multi-disciplinary adapted group fitness classes tailored to each individual’s needs and foster future fitness professionals' knowledge and comfort working with adapted populations through education, exposure, and hands-on experiences.


Provide a unique opportunity for individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities in the Erie community to improve strength and endurance through high-intensity interval exercises, modified and adapted specifically to each athlete’s ability. Promote a holistic approach to health by improving the adapted athlete’s quality of life and independence in daily activities through the participation in inclusive group classes. Influence future fitness professionals in the Erie area by providing exposure to a community-based inclusive program through hands-on educational learning experiences, in collaboration with the Gannon University’s Occupational Therapy and Exercise Science programs. 

Classes are offered three days a week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays 5:00-6:00 PM. Prior to starting, each athlete will be evaluated first by a coach to understand the athlete’s baseline range of motion, strength, mobility level, exercise adaptations needed, and exercise assistance needs.  Pending on an individual’s assistance needs with transfers and exercising, volunteers will be secured as able to assist the athlete in each of the classes.


***Safety is a priority and if we have limited volunteer availability or membership is at maximum capacity, a wait-list will be implemented for individuals interested in joining Functional Performance.


Class Structure:

  • Stretching/Warming up and equipment set-up first 15-minutes

  • 15-20 minutes of resistance training utilizing weights (e.g., barbells or dumbbells) or body weight movements (e.g., modified push-ups, sit-ups, etc.)

  • Last half of the class will be the workout of the day (WOD).  Workouts are usually 15-30 minutes of high-intensity interval training with constantly varying movements.  Each WOD is different and will be adapted to each athlete’s ability.

To schedule an evaluation: call 814-823-5170 or e-mail 

Location:  1311 Chestnut St. Erie, PA 16501




Owner of FBO Fitness & 212-Degrees of Fitness Barbell Club for the past 10-years, also started the adapted program in 2015. Jeff has extensive knowledge and experience in coaching and fitness. He is both knowledgeable and passionate about adapted fitness and is the co-founder of Functional Performance.

Serves as an occupational therapist since 2011 and an Assistant Professor at Gannon University since 2018. Her adapted fitness journey began in 2016 when she volunteered as a coach. Alongside Jeff, Stephanie transformed the adapted program, leading to the co-founding of Functional Performance in 2019. She currently serves as the board president. 


Functional Performance is a non-profit that functions thanks to the many students, coaches, and board members that volunteer their time. All money earned from fundraising events, donations, and athlete membership fees is used to improve accessibility of the environment, purchase of adapted exercise equipment, and the day-to-day operations.  Any donations to support Functional Performance’s mission, of improving access to exercise for adapted populations in the Erie area, is greatly appreciated.


1311 Chestnut St. Erie, PA 16501

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